My Push Button Profits Review – Online Business Opportunity Review

My Push Button Profits created by successful Internet marketer Jack Henderson is an online business opportunity based in the affiliate business industry. So can you truly create a substantial income online with this opportunity? Here is a simple review.

My Push Button Profits is an online business opportunity based in the affiliate industry particularly around ClickBank. ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate based retailers on the Internet to date and some have truly found success with it. The cost of this opportunity with the MPBP program is a mere $77 dollars and a so-called savings of the original $197.

The program consists of three simple steps to claim yourself a massive income online which are; creating a website in just a few clicks, choose from the many products from ClickBank to sell on your site and finally promote your site on the Traffic Wizard platform built in for members only. While this all seems simple enough for those of us who have found at least some success online understand that business opportunities like this do seem to understate the actual work involved.

Affiliate marketing online is lucrative, but only for those who truly know how brand themselves online through solid Internet marketing strategies and platforms. Affiliate marketing for the most part involves a small percentage of commission on each sale which will require a constant stream of prospects and or, traffic. Marketing through the members only traffic exchange will mean marketing products to those marketing more or less the same products.

My Push Button Profits is a legitimate online business opportunity that some will find success with for sure, but the fact remains that nearly 97% of online business owners and marketers fail within their first year. Failure with your online business can be minimized however through solid Internet marketing training, 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching as well as the willingness to not quit and apply massive action.

Source by David James Boozer

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Impact of Internet on Marketing Research

Marketing research has been around for a very long time. It comes in many different forms and has been used in different ways throughout the years, but is really meant for one thing. It helps to increase the profitability of your marketing efforts through testing and fact finding. Up until a few years ago this research has all been done in the same basic fashion, but the Internet has changed a lot of things. What has been the impact of Internet on marketing research?

The Internet has brought millions of people from all walks of life together within reach of any marketer. By doing this it has provided a brand new platform on which to test out new and existing products and services. People have taken advantage of this, not only for the speed in which things can be tested but because of the diversity in which they can be tested. Something else was born out of all of this marketing research online, the affiliate marketer.

It is impossible for any one business online to cover all of his bases. There are just far too many variables involved for them to be able to reach all of the people that are in their target market. That is why many of them have turned to using affiliate marketing business promotion on the Internet (online). By doing so they are reaching an even wider market that still is targeted for their particular product or service. Even though they are paying a high commission to their affiliates, they can still retain the customer and make all of the profit on any back end products that they may offer. The Internet has certainly changed the way that many people do business. It all comes down to marketing research, however, and now the speed at which it can be done. As the Internet continues to evolve we will see even more changes in the way that research is being accomplished and it promises to help us all in our marketing efforts.

Source by Blaz Banic

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Top 5 CPA Marketing Strategies

CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Marketing is an internet marketing income opportunity that’s very similar to affiliate marketing. The difference between affiliate marketing and CPA marketing is the fact that CPA networks pay you every time a user clicks on your link and takes an action – like fills out their email address, register on the landing site or download and install an app on their phone.

The actions required to profit from CPA programs depends on the specific program, but unlike affiliate marketing, CPA programs don’t require an actual purchase to be made. This means that it’s much easier to profit from CPA programs since users are only required to take a certain action, and then you get paid. With affiliate marketing, the user has to complete a purchase and pay for a product / service before you get paid.

This is only one of the advantages CPA marketing holds over affiliate marketing. It’s also easier to convert users with CPA programs since the programs are usually related to global interests – like “Win the brand new iPhone 6s” or “Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card”. There’s also a lot of different download CPA offers available on different networks – with these programs, your audience needs to download an app or game on their phone for free, and then you get paid for every install you refer.

These are all offers that targets a much more generic audience than a specific internet marketing or weight loss product you’d promote through affiliate marketing.

Now let’s take a look at my top 5 strategies for driving traffic and conversions to your CPA offers.

#1 – Use a squeeze page

The most important part of succeeding in the CPA marketing industry is to make use of a squeeze page. By using a squeeze page, you are increasing your chances for a conversion, while building a list of ready-to-take-action subscribers at the same time.

A squeeze page is a simple “landing page” where visitors will land before they are directed to the CPA offer. Your squeeze page should contain relevant information related to the CPA offer you are promoting – ask users to enter their email address into your email subscription form to continue. Once they add their email to your email subscription form, redirect them to the CPA offer. You can also have your auto responder send them an additional email with a link to the CPA offer in case the redirect didn’t work in their browser, or they closed the browser too soon.

#2 – Use Social Media

Social media is a very important part of CPA marketing. Millions of users are turning to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media networks every day to catch the latest news, check up on their friends, search for coupons and offers, and much more.

This means that it’s the perfect place to drop links to your squeeze pages / CPA offers. By promoting your CPA offers on social media, you are tapping into millions and millions of traffic – and if you do a good job, you can drive a lot of traffic back to your links.

The strategy to use here is to first join some groups related to the niche your CPA offer is targeting. If you’re promoting a trial offer for a new dieting pill, then you should join health and weight loss related groups / communities on social media.

Once you’ve joined a couple of groups, start sharing helpful content with the group. Your content should provide some value – do not simply drop links! After a couple of posts, the group members will start to recognize your name and you’ll have better authority in these groups.

Now it’s time to drop a link to your CPA offer – add a good description and tell the group why they should click on your link. Also add a creative image that related to the niche you’re targeting.

When dropping a link in these groups, be sure to add the link as close to the top as possible without starting the post with the link. Start with a title, drop the link and then add a description. The reason for this – when you create a long post on most social networks (except Twitter, where your tweets are limited) the post will be “shortened” with a “… ” link that will expand the post. You want your link to appear above the text that gets cut off so people will be able to click on the link even if they don’t expand the post.

#3 – Use Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites allow you to share PDF documents with others – they put your documents on their site and anyone browsing their site are able to see and read your documents.

This is another great way to drive traffic back to your CPA offers! By simply sharing a couple of documents related to the CPA offer you are promoting, you are able to drive hundreds to thousands of visitors back to your link, bringing you more conversions and more profit.

You might be wondering what documents you can share here… it’s actually quite simple. Do some research about different topics in the niche your CPA offer is targeting. Try to find a few different topics you can target. Then create a simple new document on your word processor and start to write about the specific topic. If you’re using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, you can also choose one of the templates that the software comes with to create a nice layout for your document. I usually go with the “Reports” templates.

Add some helpful information in your document – anything more than 5 pages would do. The more helpful and the more closely related the information you share is compared to the CPA offer you are promoting, the higher the chances of getting more conversions on your clicks. Make sure you add a couple of links to your CPA offer in the document!

Share your documents on as many document sharing sites as you can. Be sure to add unique descriptions for your document on each site, and also include a link back to your CPA offer in each description.

#4 – Use Instagram

Instagram is a social media network that focusses on multimedia – images and videos. This network is owned by Facebook, and it’s almost as popular as Facebook. Instagram received millions of unique daily visitors, and there’s millions of new images and videos posted every day.

With Instagram, you can post images and videos, and you can tag them so people can easily find them. You can also like another person’s posts, as well as comment on them. The more comments and likes your post received, the better chance of going viral.

Instagram also allows you to follow other people, and offers a “timeline” view with the latest posts by the people you follow. The more followers you get, the more exposure your posts get.

Now to drive traffic back to your CPA offer using Instagram can take a while to get started, but once you’ve tapped into this market, you can drive hundreds of dollars’ worth of conversions each and every day from Instagram alone.

To use this method, you should create a new Instagram account. Name your account something that relates to the offer you are promoting. You also need a landing page / squeeze page hosted on a custom domain – you CANNOT link directly to a CPA offer or you will be banned.

Add a profile picture that relates to your niche, and then add a bio that relates to the offer you are promoting. And finally add a link to your squeeze page in the “Website Link” field while updating your profile.

Now you should add only 1 new image / video per day on your Instagram account. You can find millions of images on the internet related to your niche. Tag your image with popular tags – there’s many different apps and websites that will give you the most popular and trending tags. Then hit publish.

Once you’ve added your image, start to follow a couple of people in your niche. Also like some of their pictures, and also comment on some of their posts. Do NOT spam – be thoughtful and considerate, and find a good balance between posting new images / videos, following other people, liking other’s posts and commenting on posts.

Continue doing this and you’ll soon start building up followers and driving traffic to your squeeze page. Just be-aware that this drives MOBILE TRAFFIC so you need to ensure both your squeeze page and the CPA offer you are promoting are mobile-optimized.

#5 – Use PPV Advertising

The last strategy for gaining a lot of profit with CPA marketing is to use PPV advertising. PPV advertising is pay-per-view promotion, which means you pay an amount based on the total number of views your ad receives.

This type of advertising works, you just need to find the right network. There’s several different PPV networks that you can make use of, and it will take some trial and error before you finally succeed – but keep at it and you will soon hit your first $100 day!

PPV advertising can cost you as little as $0.01 per visitor, which is really cheap. Imagine being able to convert offers at $0.01 per visitor. That’s insane!

The only downside to using PPV advertising is the fact that most PPV networks require a large amount to start with. Most PPV networks will only allow you to start off with an amount of $50+ – this means you should have some startup capital if you want to use PPV.

If you don’t have this much to spend right now, don’t worry. There’s still an upside to this!

I’ve shared with you 4 different strategies you can use to drive traffic to your CPA offers without having to spend a lot of money. Most of them are actually completely free. This means you can drive free targeted traffic to your squeeze pages and CPA links. So if you follow the first 4 strategies, implement them and keep with them, you will be able to push up your CPA earnings to the point where you have enough to invest in PPV advertising.

Source by Gerhard G Homveld

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How to Turn $50 Into $5,000 in 30 Days

A critical first step in making more money is to determine your reason(s) for making the extra money. It could be that you want to make enough money for a down payment on a new car. I heard that Mercedes has a new offer on the stylish S-Class series. Maybe you want to take a well deserved vacation. The average vacation cost is $4,580 according to Perhaps you want to save up for a wedding. Weddings, by the way, are going for a whopping $28,400 on average according to It might be that your children are bugging you to create or add money to their education fund. Education costs are skyrocketing. College costs have surged 500% in the U.S. since 1985 according to The reason could be debt related. The average credit card debt per adult in the U.S. is $4,878. The money you make could be used to pay off your credit card debt, or pay off medical bills. Medical bills incidentally, are the biggest cause of bankruptcies in the U.S. according to

It’s critical to write down your reason(s) now. Please get a pen and paper and do so before continuing.

Next Steps -

  • Establish your goal. A goal is a desired result a person, plans and commits to achieve a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. A goal is something you put in writing with a specific amount our outcome and a specific time frame or deadline. Your goal could be to earn $5,000 within 30 days as an example. Or it could be to earn $50,000 within 3 months. It’s your goal.
  • Define the objective. Objectives are closely related to goals. And the two terms are often used synonymously. But goals and objectives are different. Objectives are specific and measureable milestones that must be achieved in order to reach a goal. In this example, your objective is to find people who are interested in buying products and/or services and sell them those products and/or services at a price they can afford.
  • Create a strategy. With your goal and objective established and in writing, you can now proceed to the strategy. A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve your objective and goal. The strategy is a high-level written statement of the methods you will use to reach your goal. In this example, your strategy will be to use affiliate marketing opportunities to and a blog to bring buyers and sellers together. When a sale is made, you will earn a commission.
  • Develop your tactics. Tactics are specific actions required to deliver on a strategy. Tactics are what you do, and for every strategy, there are a number of tactics. You will be using several marketing techniques in order to attract buyers to your blog. Social media marketing, article marketing, video marketing and other techniques will be utilized.

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts according to Wikipedia. It’s a function of e-commerce. By the way, total e-commerce spending in the United States will hit approximately $262 billion this year, up 13.4% from $231 billion last year, according to a new projection from Forrester Research Inc. Affiliate marketing is a low-risk, high-return strategy for online marketers. U.S. affiliate marketing spending will reach $4 billion by 2014 and will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 16% from 2009 through 2014 according to Forrester Research Inc. By becoming an affiliate marketer, you are plugging into this exchange of buyers and sellers and you are giving yourself an opportunity to make a lot of money.

Some of the top affiliate marketers are pocketing over $2 million a year. There’s plenty of money to go around but no promises that you’ll make $2 million a year right out of the gate. However, if you are committed to the process, you can make a full time income working part time hours.

Okay, so the next step is to identify the industries you want to help. You may be inclined to decide based on your personal interests. Maybe you’ve read that a particular industry is about to surge. There are many industries that offer affiliate marketing opportunities.

The renewable energy industry may be of interest to you. There are many products that are available online such as solar-powered flash lights. By the way, when is the last time you saw a solar-powered flash light in Wal-Mart or your local sporting goods store? They are incredibly hard to find. Many people who enjoy the outdoors would save a great deal of money on batteries and lantern fuel if they had solar-powered flash lights and lanterns. This is just one example of items that people will gladly buy from your blog.

Another example is personal financial services. Millions of people are struggling with personal debt and need solutions to help them get back on their feet financially. By offering people credit card debt reduction services or mortgage refinance services that they can’t get locally, you are helping them regain control of their life and you will get paid in the process!

Maybe you love to travel or wish you could travel more. Providing travel packages to exotic places may float your boat so to speak.

Provide health-related products/and or services to millions of people who are searching for ways to lose weight and live a more active lifestyle. There are many options to choose from and many ways to make money as an affiliate marketer in most industries.

The next step is to create a blog so you can inform people of the products and/or services that will improve their lives. There are many companies that offer free blog space or you can purchase blog space. It depends on your budget and your technical skills. Spend a day or two learning how to create a blog and how to add blog posts to your blog.

Write a few posts detailing information about your industry and the products and/or services that will soon be available on your blog. Make sure your content is informative and interesting. The last thing your visitors will want to read are blatant advertisements.

Next, apply to become an affiliate marketer for the companies in your industry. Use Google to locate the providers for the types of products and/or services you have selected to sell and complete their affiliate marketer application. You will get an answer within 48 hours in most cases. Be sure to keep track of which affiliate programs you have applied for and what the outcome is for each application.

You can then begin adding affiliate links to your blog for the products and/or services you wish to sell. Try to balance your blog with content and advertisements. A rule of thumb is to load up your blog with 70% content and 30% advertising. Another piece of advice is to offer products and/or services that will give you a good range of commissions. In other words, include high, medium, and low commissionable items on your blog to give yourself a good mix. You may sell several of each during the course of a day and having the right mix will enable you to reach your income goal.

Now it’s time to market your blog. People will learn about your blog through your marketing efforts. Your marketing plan should include social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others). It should also include articles and e-books as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimized) blog posts.

Write down a list of keywords your niche market will most likely use to search online for the information and items you’re publishing on your blog.

Spend at least an hour each day marketing your blog. Be sure to include the list of keywords you just wrote down for your Twitter searches. Follow people who are industry leaders as well as people who appear to be novices in the industry. By the way, the industry leaders typically have many more followers than novices have.

There are many Twitter tools available which you can use to reduce the time required to build, maintain, and communicate with your Twitter following. Search for Twitter lists related to your industry and create a list for your account.

Use online automation tools for the delivery of your blog posts to your target audience to reduce the amount of time and effort required for tweets.

Include a Facebook Fan page in your marketing plan. Create a Facebook Fan page and add relevant content and photos. Post snippets of your posts on the Fan page to pique the Facebook visitors’ curiosity and encourage them to visit your blog.

Articles and videos should also be used to promote your blog. Ideally, you should write one or two articles each week. You can convert the article to an e-book and even a video after the article has been published. Establish goals for your marketing plan and adjust your efforts until your goals have been reached. I have written other articles as well as blog posts with thorough instructions on writing articles, setting social media marketing plan, conversion goals, and creating an overall online marketing plan as well as other tips and tricks.

Replace low-performing affiliate programs with other programs until the conversion rates are at acceptable levels.

Continue to market, measure, and adjust until you have reached your traffic, conversion, and income goals.

In summary, when you identify the reasons for making more money and you have clearly established a written goal, you can then proceed to creating objectives, strategies, and tactics for reaching your goal. Monitoring your progress on a daily basis and making adjustments, will keep you on track. E-commerce is here to stay and there is a growth surge just before the holiday season but anytime is a great time to get started. Your start-up costs should be around $50 or less depending on the blog service you use and other blog-related items you choose.

The two most important things to remember is you need to align yourself with the people and resources which will provide assistance to you at any point in the process and you need to get started now.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” — Helen Keller

“You may delay, but time will not.” –Benjamin Franklin

Source by James M Riddle

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CPA Marketing – The Magic of Making Money Without Having to Sell

CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing is basically a concept of making money by simply getting users to perform an action. The action might be filling out a form, downloading and installing software, etc. There are different types of CPA offers that you can promote ranging from low cost offers which require a prospect to enter their email or zip code to high end offers which might entail filling in a form for a free trial product.

CPA Marketing can be quite tricky to get into. One thing that is required from you before you get started is a website. Your website should have a theme related to affiliate marketing in order for you to be approved by the CPA networks. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, CPA marketing is more difficult to get into because you must initially be approved by CPA networks who act as middlemen between advertisers and publishers. CPA networks require you to be approved by them because they want to make sure you are going to be sending them genuine traffic to the offers you wish to promote. Also once you are approved you are assigned an affiliate manager who will look after your interests in each of the CPA networks you sign up with.

There are basically a couple of ways that most people drive traffic for CPA offers.

- One of the most popular ways of doing this is by traffic arbitrage. This is where you buy advertising using strategies such as PPC, PPV, SEO, Media buys etc and then send that traffic to the CPA offers you are promoting. If done right, you make money on the difference between what you pay for advertising and what you make from each genuine lead you generate to the CPA offer.

- Another model that works very well is to build a list in any chosen market, then send them CPA offers regularly. This in my opinion is the best way to make money with CPA marketing because you can market to the same list over and over again. So in other words, you pay once to get the prospect on to your list and then promote to them regularly.

Both models have their pros and cons however, in my opinion you should test extensively in each niche you go after to find out which method will work for you.

One of the crucial things you need to be aware of when promoting CPA offers is to know when a specific offer is no longer available. CPA offers have a time frame so you should liaise with your affiliate manager regularly to see which offers have expired.

There are some simple techniques and strategies you can use to cash in on CPA offers. I will suggest you pay attention to hot topics and also check out what people are searching on now and look to see if there are any CPA offers that you can promote to take advantage of the latest trends. For example at the time of writing the article, the Apple iPad is just about to be launched and various CPA networks have offers that you can promote to cash in on these trend.

Timing is also a great factor when promoting CPA offers. For example if you find a hot product that you can cash in on, you might want to use paid traffic to maximise your earnings.

Finally, CPA marketing is a billion dollar business that is very easy to operate from the comfort of your own home. Advertisers need leads for their products and services so they tend to work extensively with CPA networks to achieve their goals. Do make sure you read the terms & conditions of each CPA network you sign up with to find out what is required of you as a publisher or affiliate and what type of traffic you can send to the CPA offers you wish to promote.

Source by Ade Lamidi

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Turnkey Travel Websites – Bringing Travel Agents Online

Turnkey Travel Websites are a perfect solution to those who are just starting out with an online business. These type of websites are also great for those wishing to expand their offline business into the online world. Some of the people who may benefit from a turnkey travel website include; travel agents, travel writers, tour operators and event managers. Travel writers such as adventurers and explorers will be able to write about their travel experiences and share them with the online world.

Most travel companies, both big and small, have now made the transition online. This is because they have realized how quick and easy it is to reach out to their customers all over the world. If you are not yet in the travel business but would like to get a taster, you can also purchase a turnkey travel affiliate website. This is one of the most profitable and popular ways you can get started earning money online.

Turnkey Travel Websites can help you advance your travel business in the following ways;

1) Easy to get started. Turnkey travel websites make setting yourself up online fast and easy since the website has already been created for your use. All design issues and content have already been created. Some turnkey website providers also train the buyer on how to promote the website to attract visitors.

2) Your customers can easily find you. These days, when people are looking for information about a company their first port of call is to look online. If you don’t have your own website about you and your business then you may lose out on a lot of customers.

3) Available 24/7. The other benefit of doing business online using a turnkey websites is that you are not limited to store opening times. Your customers will be able to find you 24/7. Easy access of your information leads to high customer satisfaction. These satisfied customers spread the information to friends and families, who then turn up as new customers to your business, thereby raising revenue and customer base.

4) Reduced overhead costs. Another advantage to purchasing a travel turnkey website are the reduced overhead costs, as doing businesses online is cheaper. Some of the things you will save money on is premises and staffing. Online businesses use economical advertising channels i.e. Social media and e-mail marketing. It also saves expenses relating to premises since running an online business does not require any physical space.

Source by Clare Hayes

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Affiliate Marketing Income – The Not-So-Fast Path to Making Money Online Without Your Own Products

Affiliate Marketing has been touted as a way to make money fast – without the bother of needing your own product. It’s indeed possible to make money with affiliate marketing, and there are a few rare affiliate programs where the money, IF earned, appears quickly. However, they are the exception rather than the rule. More often than not, the money appears after a significant time lag.

At Clickbank, for example, the number one affiliate program for downloadable products, the money is sent out two weeks after the end of each accounting period of which there used to be two per month, though they have just been changed to every other week. Most of the others have similar rules, with some taking even longer, up to “the beginning of the month after the month after the month during which the purchase was made.”

In addition, most programs also have minimums that have to be reached before you get anything at all. Of course if you have earned just pennies, the delay won’t make much of a difference. Clickbank has an additional rule for new accounts, which can cause significant delays.

They require that payments have to be made with several different credit cards, including at least one Mastercard and one Visa. Since most people pay with PayPal, it can take a while until those conditions are met and the money finally arrives. That’s not mentioned anywhere in the assorted affiliate marketing literature. Even, which somebody had touted as a much faster-paying program, doesn’t pay more quickly. Maybe they used to, but by the time I got to them, they had clearly adjusted to market conventions.

A few affiliate programs do pay more quickly, but those have turned out to be extremely competitive. I had been counting on my one quick-pay affiliate program to deliver fast cashflow so I could pay my bills, yet it took months until I made my first sale in spite of making it the main focus of all my advertising campaigns. It may pay fast in theory, but nothing, even it gets paid really quickly, is still nothing at all.

My guess: there are so many people trying to sell this particular marketer’s products that the market is basically saturated.

So affiliate programs may be legit and potentially lucrative money makers, but the money from your efforts won’t be showing up in your bank account nearly as quickly as your funds will get depleted if you buy all their products to make sure they’re worthy of your investment in time and elbow grease, or if you advertise your affiliate links by way of PPC.

If money is tight, don’t count on the affiliate money to bail you out when the Amex bill is due. It won’t be there yet, if it will even arrive at all. Being a good affiliate marketer can be costly, and if you don’t watch out, it can land you in a financial jam.

Not that this lag-time in pay-out is necessarily a problem for everybody. If you have deep pockets, you probably won’t care. And if you’re generally the thrifty type, you may actually welcome the fact that you weren’t able to spend the money. Still, it’s good to know how long these things take, and to plan for a long wait. And people shouldn’t have to search for the fine print to find out.

The other part they don’t tell you about affiliate income is how darn hard it is to make any of it at all. I’ve been advertising in EzineArticles, on my webpage (not the most-trafficked site, admittedly, but still), in ads, and to my budding list. Earnings so far: Utterly unimpressive.

What to do? Plan for the lag in time until the money starts rolling in. Once it does, and you’re getting regular sales, it will work as advertised, with money coming in every other week or so (for each affiliate network). At that point you won’t really care how long it’s been since you’ve actually earned the money. Until then, mind the old saying – don’t count your chickens till they’re hatched.

In fact, if you’d like to hedge your bets, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, to stay with the metaphor. For starters, go with several different affiliate programs. And then, do something else entirely:

Why not create your own product? Either from private label products, or from scratch. You can sell your products directly through PayPal or your own shopping cart system, and if you have PayPal’s ATM card, you can get the money just as soon as it hits your PayPal account, which is the minute you’ve made the sale. Pretty cool!

So if you want fast, sell your own products. If you want a no-fuss stream of income, albeit not a rapid-fire one, pick a few great products and tell everybody and their friends about them. The best approach: combines the two, which allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Source by Elisabeth Kuhn

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2 Traffic Methods For Clickbank Products You Promote

Are you currently promoting products on Clickbank, but your sales are low? Maybe your problem is a case of low traffic. Not having a lot of website traffic coming through to your site isn’t a good thing. It can cause you to wake up everyday and continually see $0 earned each and everyday. You need to fix this problem if this is your situation.

In this lesson, I want to share with you some traffic strategies that you can use to get more promotion to the Clickbank product you’re promoting, and how you can start finally getting sales on a consistent basis – all while not losing your shirt during the process. Here’s the first traffic strategy:

1) Pay per click advertising

To make this strategy work well for you, you will need to sell a high priced item on Clickbank. If you’re promoting an ebook on Clickbank for $19, you don’t want to use pay per click (PPC) to drive traffic to your site. There will be no room for a lot of profits – even if your conversion rate was 2%.

Instead, promote a high “gravity” product that sells for $200 or more. That way if you’re using PPC and you get a sale for 50% commission… you can earn $100 for that sale made. Depending on your cost per click, I’m confident that you can a nice $2,000 – $3,000 a month using this tactic.

But don’t rely solely on PPC alone. There are other traffic strategies that you will want to use to get promotion to the Clickbank product you’re promoting. Just don’t blow the bank on pay per click, and you will be good to go. Here’s another traffic strategy that you will want to use:

2) Blogging

This is a really popular tactic that people use to make money with Clickbank. And the kind of blogs that people create are different – but in the end, they all aim to accomplish the same goal – to make commissions. Blog style is different, but the good news is that you won’t have to hire a developer to create nice blog for you.

Some people create personal relationship style blogs. Some people set up blogs that are basically “product review” blogs. And some people set up blogs that solely deliver excellent content, and encourages people subscribe or buy the product that they’re promoting. You have to find out what kind of blog style work for you.

I’m not going to lie… I’m a bit of a “lazy” marketer. My style of blog is the “excellent content” blog – that a lot of people like to leave comments on. It is what it is… I mean it serves its purpose, but this is just one of the traffic strategies that I implement to compliment my site and the products that I sell.

PPC and blogging are incredibly simple and easy to use, and I hope that you will use them both to make money with Clickbank. Both concepts are simple, and if you’re going to use PPC, stick with Google AdWords and Bing Ads. If you’re going to do blogging, make sure you get a WordPress blog. These are all reliable services.

Good luck with getting traffic to your site today to sell your Clickbank affiliate product.

Source by Randall A Magwood

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Affiliate Marketing: Understanding Residual Income From Affiliate Programs

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for another way to earn income or thinking about quitting your nine to five desk job. Affiliate marketing may be the best option to try. It will not make you a millionaire overnight or even earn you millions, but it is a good start to earn extra income without having too much time spent on it. Affiliate marketing’s popularity has changed dramatically over the years. Seasoned marketers can earn more than their day jobs, and you can earn residual incomes that can replace your desk job’s income in the end.

Affiliate Marketing

Understanding the basic concept of this marketing strategy is easy; same as almost program types, and varies only depending on a few features such as commission or product. The program works through visitors clicking on the affiliate’s website, then the website would redirect the visitor to the merchant’s site and if the visitor purchases an item, the affiliate gets a commission. There are different program types that you can choose from, depending on how much you are willing to spend, money- and time-wise.


One of the most popular ways to earn from the program is to run the affiliate’s product page in a website. For people who love blogging or have their own followers, using this method type is easy as one already has an existing traffic of the same niche. The traffic might not be that high but the ratio of conversion rate is higher since the ads show products that are related to the niche or industry that the blogger is passionate about.

Individuals who are active in the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter may also earn residual income. Although relatively new in the market, some social media pay people to tweet or mention their products. Since social signals from the platforms reach millions especially with celebrity or well-known endorsers, one mention of the product can drastically increase the sales of that particular product. Some companies share profits earned from the sale or give out incentives.

For those who want to earn passive income but do not have the time to invest, e-commerce websites are excellent. Some people would need to apply to the affiliate program and once approved, they can set up their own website with the products they are interested in. They can create a review site, price comparison, search engines and others. One can set it automatically so that a new product will appear at the site whenever. This is a good way to earn residual income.

Source by Francheska Craig

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Site Rubix Review

A new site builder in town, and to be honest I wasn’t sure if this product could compare to Site Build It or XSite Pro. For years those two products have dominated the website building arena and have produced remarkable results.

Site Rubix website builder boost that it can build professional looking websites in just five minutes without the need to learn any HTML whatsoever.

First I would like to compare Site Rubix with Site Build It and XSite-Pro, because I have been using those products for years, and is well versed in how they function and the results that those other website builders are producing.

Site Rubix is actually hosted on Wealthy Affiliate servers, and that was what I caught my eye. I can work from anywhere in the world and update and continue to build my sites. the interface was very easy to use.

The whole process is very streamlined, from selecting the template that you will use, even adding multi media to your site was very easy. all was easy to get my pages laid out. the menu selection was very easy as well, it was as simple as adding text. I should say coming up with the exact wording for my pages seemed to be the most difficult task.

What really caught my eye was the CSS styling of the sites, the look and feel of the site I created was very professional. It was very hard to spot that the site created was done using a simple website builder and that it took only ten minutes to do the layout of my whole site.

Now, I have to be honest and can’t give any details as to how well Site Rubix will work as far as driving search engine traffic to your websites. But, if your looking for a website builder that will produce professionally looking websites, without the need to learn HTML programming, then you won’t be disappointed.

One benefit that makes this website builder stand out is the fact that this program comes with an online marketing university course for anyone looking to make money with affiliate programs, and free website hosting. I don’t believe in hosting my sites on any free hosting platforms, so that benefit didn’t excite me one bit.

The Site Rubix site builder, is a really nice web design program and for anyone lacking the tech skills needed to get a website built, will honestly love this online website builder. Site Rubix will give Xsite-Pro and Site Build It (SBI) some stiff competition.

Source by Alexander Marlin

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