Marketing Through Service – How to Get Customer Referrals and Sales Leads in Any Business

“Without customers you have no business, you have absolutely nothing”. The best way to get customers is from referrals and sales leads. A sales lead or prospect is a business opportunity to gain a customer and make a sale. The best sales leads are from referrals. The best referrals in the world are word of mouth recommendations from friends and associates. Other referrals come in the form of personal endorsements from well known people. These well known recognizable people are often in the movie and sports industries.

“Example isn’t another way to teach, it’s the only way to teach”… Albert Einstein.

Let’s look at the customer loyalty programs that can produce word of mouth referrals. There are many successful programs presently being used. Here are some examples.

Customer appreciation programs:

• Some coffee shops offer a free cup of coffee after a certain number of cups have been purchased. The customer is issued a card that is stamped every time a coffee is purchased. This is an easy way for the customer to keep track of purchases, and is an incentive for them to keep coming back. The customer is very likely to tell their friends. With regular customers come other perks, such as a free donut or other discounted food item.

• Most restaurants have daily specials on their food and beverage menus, but some give out coupons that offer a discount on their next meal. Often restaurants will do some direct advertising in the form of flyers with discount coupons to attract new customers. It is the quality of the food and service that will keep their customers coming back and referring them to others.

• Some large grocery stores offer a customer appreciation day. On a certain day each month, the customer will receive a 10% off all purchases (usually with a minimum purchase of $35.00). Other shops have senior day discounts, often one day per week (usually the slowest day, Tuesday) and the discount is 5% off everything with no minimum purchase.

• Other stores often have scratch cards where the customer scratches off an immediate discount ranging anywhere fro 5 – 75% off all purchases. While some will offer, buy one item and get the next one at 25% off.

• Most of the major gas stations offer loyalty programs offering points that can be redeemed for free gas or other items the station sells.

• Financial and retail stores usually offer points that can be redeemed for just about anything from travelers cheques, air travel, hotel accommodation and or a catalog of items.

• Service industries often outsource to marketing companies to acquire leads. Have you ever been phoned by a carpet cleaning company offering you a special deal?

It seems today, that most customers collect points, coupons, and other incentives, as a normal or expected way of doing business. Marketing through service is always the best way to get referrals and sales leads.

The hospitality industry is huge and extremely competitive and will come up with many innovative and creative ways of getting customers from sales leads, advertising and referrals. Most companies have affiliate programs and can put together vacation packages that include everything. Including transportation to and from residence to departure terminal (train, bus, ship or airport) carrier, destination hotel (all inclusive, food, drinks, and entertainment) all taxes, gratuities, transfers for one payment on a credit card. Each component of the package is important to the overall success, as everyone who goes on vacation will tell their friends all about it. For example, if the local taxi rides to or from your residence was enjoyable, you would more than likely use that service again and also recommend them to others. The same is true for all of the other components.

Every facet of the vacation/tourism business offers incentives to their customers. However it is the service they receive from the vendor that will determine whether your company gets any referrals or bad press.

Other business, besides advertising for customers, can purchase sales leads from marketing companies. Marketing companies often use telemarketing centers and direct mail and door to door campaigns to acquire these sales leads. Companies that outsource this function to professionals often get the best results.

As you can see, there are many programs being used to attract customers, keep them coming back, spending more and “Referring” your business to others. Some programs that worked well in the past, but are now forgotten, should be revived. At the end of the day if you want referrals, make sure your customers are completely satisfied. “Offer them great service, and make what you want to sell easy for them to buy”.

Source by Peter E Smith

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How to Build Your Own Amazon Store – Online Training Video

I love Amazon and I love it because of the sheer choice of products it offers, the competitive pricing and the whole shopper experience where it second guesses what else I would probably buy and usually do. It’s a smart site and those who shop their regularly can’t help but go back for more.

What started as an online book distributor has become a true global retail giant offering every conceivable item and it just keeps growing. With such an impressive stock range and customer base, it becomes easy to see what commercial opportunities may be possible for someone wanting to get in on the whole Amazon band wagon. And the good news is: you can jump on the band wagon and start to make serious money online by marketing and selling Amazon’s range of products yourself, and here’s how.

Amazon offers a number of ways to enable you to plug into their entire catalogue and sell, however, some of them require a certain degree of technical competence and programming capabilities to get the most out of their API’s and datafeeds. You won’t need to worry about these or your knowledge of programming. In fact, you do not need any technical ability apart from minimal computer experience and common sense to set up your own Amazon Store and get it up and running ready to sell in under an hour!

As an Amazon Associate you will get all the tools you need to quickly build your own store, choose the products you want to sell, customize the look and feel of your site and implement it easily on your own web pages.

Here are the simple steps for you to use immediately:

1. Sign up at Amazon’s website as an Associate. Link at bottom of page under ‘Join Associates’.

2. Login and choose an ID for your store so Amazon can track your sales.

3. Under the aStore tab, choose the category of product(s) you want to sell and select individually the items or let Amazon choose it’s whole range from that category.

4. Select the colors you want to use including the font, size and wording of your store.

5. Choose what the shopper will see when they are on any given page in your site. This could include Accessories that go with your item, similar items and buyers reviews.

6. Preview your store to see what it looks like and how it functions.

7. Copy the HTML code that Amazon automatically generates for you and paste it into your own web pages. Upload to your server and your shop is ready to go and sell.

It really is an easy step-by-step process and if you take the Associates Tour when logged in, you will see how it all comes together.

There is no reason why you can’t do this immediately and join thousands of others who are signed up on the Associate scheme and earn good money from selling online in this way. Your potential income is up to 10% of the basket value and as the process is free, you really have nothing to lose but much to gain.

You will also find banners, widgets and text links to help you drive traffic to your site and grow your online sales. If you ever wondered how to begin selling online but felt intimidated then your own Amazon Store is the perfect way to test the water and create an additional income stream.

To make things easier, watch a free 30 minute training video on The Money Room that takes you through painlessly through the above steps. You will be running your own Amazon Store in less than 1 hour. Guaranteed.

Wishing you every success!

Source by Ian Jupp

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Understanding the Benefits of Mobile Marketing

With the economy down and at the same time more and more people are starting to use a variety of mobile devices, the benefits of mobile marketing has never been more apparent. This is because mobile marketing is one of the best methods to boost your business in these hard times. Companies must find new ways to reach out to their potential markets so that customers can become once again responsive to their sales pitch and there is no other logical way to go but mobile marketing. Here are some benefits that can help you decide whether it is best for your business.

The first and foremost of the benefits of mobile marketing is that it is a cost-effective way to create promotional campaigns that can be accomplished even on a short notice. Today, people have become oversaturated with the traditional forms of marketing messages in the form of advertisements, telemarketing, and email spam, to the point that they are not that much effective anymore. Mobile marketing are relatively much cheaper than these aforementioned traditional promotional campaigns and you can totally control who will receive these marketing messages since they are targeted. This way, what you will spend on a marketing campaign will not be wasted.

Another one of the benefits of mobile marketing is that it is more likely to work more than traditional marketing due to its nature. In mobile marketing, people have to opt-in to a subscription to get marketing messages. What this entails is that you only get to send messages to people who are actually interested and have a high probability of buying your product.

You can also include in the benefits  the fact that it is an utterly measurable endeavor. This is really crucial in any business as it takes the guesswork out of the equation. You actually get to see the results of a campaign in real time, with instruments that are accurate. The implications of this are huge since you can immediately take necessary actions to adjust the campaign based on the consumer response, to ensure that your investment will never be a wasted one.

Source by Lucas Mattioneli

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How to Make Money on the Internet Making $1 Dollar a Minute

There are 60 minutes in an hour and 1440 minutes in a whole day. Can you imagine making $1 dollar a minute of every minute of every day? The thing about the internet is that it is automated to a large extent, meaning if you will take the time to do some work today, that work will continue to work for you day in and day out for the foreseeable future.

When you spend 10 hours working in a regular job they may pay you $15 dollars an hour but at the end of the day when you are paid, those hours you worked will never be paid for again. The internet is different in that you can explore “passive income opportunities”

Thus if you can on average spend half an hour to create an income stream that pays you for one of the 1440 minutes in your day, you can fairly confidently expect it to keep doing so for months and years and even decades to come. The trick is learning or discovering how to get that crucial first minute paid. If you can do that, you can literally make as much as you want or need online.

All you have to do is spend the time, once you learn how to do it just once, just learn to make one of these units of value that will constantly give you a dollar a minute and you are now set to put in the work to get paid for every single minute in your day, even when you are sleeping. Money isn’t everything, but this is a worthy financial goal.

Source by Terry Hart

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MLMs – Perry Marshall Vs Bill Starkey

In the internet marketing world, Perry Marshall is a household word, a guru, a God or at least an expert when it comes to Google AdWords and email marketing. His book “The Definitive Guide to AdWords” is the Bible in the industry. His email marketing courses are the best there are. His small group mastermind sessions are always sold out; his seminars, the same; and you can’t get into any of them without investing 4 figures or more.

So what’s he doing in an article on MLMS? Read on.

Bill Starkey is the CEO of a high tech company selling business communications tools through an affiliate marketing system after having developed many of the tools for large businesses over the last decade. Before that he was a successful real estate investor and before that a successful internet marketer.

Though they seem to be quite different from the short bios above, they have one thing in common – they both had Amway businesses.

If you are subscriber to one of Perry’s email lists, you would have recently gotten a series of emails dealing with his time as an “Ambot”, as calls Amway distributors. These are the people to fall into the Amway cult and work to achieve a dream that few seem ever to achieve. Those who do are made heroes and work hard to convince the others that they can do it, too. Perry was 20 years old, was in for 6 years and left a very frustrated, disillusioned young man.

Bill Starkey, too, entered the world of Amway when he was 20, but something else transpired than did with Perry. Bill became a Diamond Direct distributor, one of the lofty pinnacles all distributors (IBOs, today) strive for. Then, Bill sold his business for approximately $15,000,000 when he was still under 30.

Perry left broke and frustrated. Bill left rich and happy. Both were in the same business, the same “cult”, learned many of the same business building methods, listened to similar training materials and went to similar seminars and rallies. One succeeded and one failed. Why?

Before I answer that question, I need to say that Perry says in the same email series on his “Ambot” experience, that much of the sales training and philosophy he learned in Amway he has used very successfully in his post-A career. In other words, although he was pissed off to the max afterwards, he was wise enough to cull out the wisdom and put it to good use. And he doesn’t have to worry about making his mortgage payments anymore.

So why did two young men, aged 20, go into the same business and come out at about the same time with such different results? Because, they were two different young men. They were different “colors”, or personalities, for those of you not familiar with the “colors” viewpoint when learning about people. You can get some insight into that by following the link in the resource box below.

Perry was an engineer. He was an analytical guy pushed into sales. Bill was a born sales guy who found his niche. Perry took his Amway experience and became a good sales guy, but in a different field. Bill just continued. He built a 2nd MLM business, became a successful investor and then saw software as the next place to be.

These two men illustrate the fact that even in business one size does not fit all. Even though in the Amway business you are taught that “anyone can do it” and more importantly, you are told “You can do it!” Hypothetically, that is true.

The reality of it is that different personalities do things differently and achieve success differently. Trying to get everyone you meet into your business will not work, will frustrate you to no end and probably piss off a lot of people you come in contact with.

Source by Tom Dewell

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How To Make Money Using wikiHow

wikiHow is a web-based community that consists of how-to guides which are extensively on what they offer. The main mission of the website or platform is to offer high quality manuals on how to do different things. It has millions of readers and handled thousands of different guides on different categories. It gives freedom to anyone to write or even make edits on the pages that exist on the site to ensure that only the highest quality is reached with every posting. It has over 180 thousand how-to articles so far from thousands of people across the globe. It is highly ranked by Google Analytics as a popular website with millions of people reading from the website every month.

With the freedom to make edits even on existing articles, contributors help in improving on every article that appears on the site. You can add pictures to an article, remove incorrect instructions and add helpful information to improve on the articles. The articles on wikiHow however, must follow set standard format to pass to be a how-to guide that is relevant to the site.

Making Money on wikiHow

Unlike other websites, wikiHow is a website that is driven by volunteer writers and editors. The philanthropists collaborate with each other to create high quality articles. The drive is usually based on helping other people do things they wish to do to make life easier. The contributors are also driven to contribute by the importance of collaboration. It simply makes it simpler for helpful information to be shared and improved from knowledgeable individuals for the benefit of others. Considering that anyone is at liberty to make changes and additions to an article that you post, it can be tedious for you at an individual level to make money online using wikiHow.

Advertisements: wikiHow is a hybrid organization that focuses on public global good. It however makes money through advertisements on the pages. It is important to note that you might not necessarily achieve anything much with such advertisement since other writers and editors still have the access to your article to make improvements and changes. It makes it harder for any paid adverts to be enjoyed by all who contribute. You can however choose whether you wish to see the adverts along with your article. You can make setting changes so that the adverts featuring on the page do not pop when you are logged in.

Ways of Making Money Online

If you are joining wikiHow, it is important to do so with the intention of helping the global audience out with a how-to guide that you find most important. You can share what you know best with the greater need to share and educate as compared to making money. There are however other ways that you can use to make money online. You can for instance start your own blog or website where you can post high quality content that has the potential of driving traffic. This way, you can easily benefit from advertisers who wish to enjoy the massive traffic that your site enjoys to their benefit of course yours.

Affiliate marketing is another simple option that you can use to make money online. You can promote products and services on behalf of other companies. This way, you will enjoy the financial benefits for every sale that are generated from your site or articles. If you are a company, you can create an attractive company website to cater to your online marketing needs. Online marketing can have different features bound to be appealing to your readers thus increasing your chances of making money through conversions.

Source by A Chan

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Making Money On The Net – Is Article Marketing Dead?

Making money on the net. Is it that easy? With article marketing? Isn’t article marketing dead?

This is a question that is seriously being asked on many Internet Forums as we speak. What has triggered this is the latest Google Algorithm update where it is reported that Google is now giving less importance to article directories.

The most important point that most of the questioners seem to forget is that Google values unique content. That’s what it wants. It doesn’t want to serve up ten identical articles in it’s top 10 results. It then follows that of course, they will give preference to one article, if many duplicate articles are found. But how do they decide which article?

It’s a good question and worth exploring. Firstly, they will give priority to uniqueness. If everything else is equal, then unique will win every time. But what if there is more than one copy of the article on the Internet? Well, they will give serious consideration to the site who displayed the article first. The first time their spiders discovered the article.

The other significant factor is the importance of the site the article is displayed upon. If yours is a brand new blog, then that will not carry very much weight at all. But then again, if you submit your article to a large and trusted directory, an authority site, such as EzineArticles, then your article has just been given a large push up the algorithm ranking.

Of course, it’s not just as easy as that to get a page 1 ranking in Google for your article. It’s not easy making money on the net. You have to consider keyword research, competition, search volume, keyword density and keyword positioning. It all counts. Then of course, you’ve got to get people talking about your article, or at least linking to it. This is another whole subject on it’s own, but just remember this:

If you write a unique article, of value, and submit it one of leading article directories, such as EzineArticles, then you are one giant step closer to making money on the net. Of course, there is a little point in getting your article listed on page 1 of Google if it is on EzineArticles and no one clicks through to your site after reading your article. That’s why you need a good incentive in your resource box to encourage visitors to either read another one of your articles or indeed, to click through to your site, where you will have a nice free offer waiting for them.

Source by Allen Jesson

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Jay Kubassek Review – Is He Really a Direct Sales and Internet Marketing Guru?

Jay Kubassek has an impressive history in business as the co-owner of Carbon Copy Pro, affiliate of Wealth Masters International, and past affiliate with Liberty League International. This review will focus on Jay’s work and influence in the direct sales and internet marketing scene; however, he has an extensive background in many other businesses as an independent film producer, owner of six companies, a professional speaker and trainer, an international real estate developer and investor, and an extreme sport enthusiast. It is also noteworthy to mention his philanthropist contributions to the Name Campaign in Africa, the Toasting Timbo Foundation, The Children’s Institute for Autism, the Salvation Army, the Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp, Mount Sinai Juvenile Diabetes, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This review will help readers determine whether Jay is a reputable and quality man to join in business.

Jay’s history begins rather humbly as an employee at Midas. Although he had an entrepreneurial spirit from his teenage years, his success only came within the last five years. According to inference from a blog entry he made in March of 2009, Jay is in his early 30′s. His first business as a teenager included caring for the $5 million dollar family farm in Canada and speaking for sustainable agriculture conferences. Although he faced complete failure for the first three years in home-based businesses, one day Jay got involved in a business-likely Liberty League International-with no door to escape. He maxed out his credit cards, and it was a ‘run with it or die’ scenario. Within a few weeks, he had made back his initial investment of two grand, and 90 days into it he quit his job. Six months later he was making $20-30,000 in a month. He broke the $100,000 per month mark in his tenth month as he began to shift his business philosophy to help others achieve the same success as himself. Started in 2000, at one time LLI was the most rapidly expanding direct sales company of the decade. Jay became a top producer for the company; however, eventually Jay and many top producers left. This was most likely a result of the negative publicity from the company’s tarnished reputation due to a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General. One day, Jay and long-time associate Aaron Parkinson shared business ideas. Three months later they co-founded what now exists as Carbon Copy Pro.

The most popular and notable of Jay’s businesses is the evolution into the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system. This system promotes the Wealth Masters International company for which Kubassek is an affiliate. Suffice it to say, Carbon Copy Pro has a presence in 160 countries and has a net worth of $20 million dollars. The company achieved a high degree of initial success as many members reached $20-50,000 per month incomes. The essence of the system is it cuts down the learning curve that internet marketers experience by eliminating several previously necessary skills. As a combination product to complement Carbon Copy Pro, Jay produced BiB (Business-in-a-Box) as a startup tool in 2008 in order to level the playing field for online marketers.

Jay has been featured in a number of press articles, including Home Business Connection August 2008, Equestrio, the New York Observer, HoBO, and Forbes. He has each person’s best interest at heart, and although I am personally not affiliated with Jay Kubassek in any way, I highly recommend following the principles he teaches and at least researching and understanding his business opportunities. Jay’s history speaks for his integrity as a reputable businessman.

Source by Daniel Lucas

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Ask for the Moon and Get It by Percy Ross Philanthropist

Ask for the Moon and Get It

Percy Ross the author of the above book began life in poverty but through hard work became a millionaire and philanthropist, giving all his money away before he died, relatively recently. He wrote the above book when he was 70. He was known for giving away silver dollars as a symbol of hope to poor children and had a column in newspapers called “Thanks a Million”, from which he helped countless people with their requests.

His parents were Jewish immigrants, his father was a scrap merchant, and scraped by hardly making enough to feed his children. At the age of 7 Percy was taught how to sell eggs to neighbours to help put food on the table. Lessons he learnt that helped him all his life, he developed ten rules for success and the correct ways to ask for what you need.

As a child he disparately wanted a bicycle like other boys, but his father couldn’t afford it, eventually he got him a very old bike but Percy was overjoyed with it. Bicycles featured strongly in gifts to underprivileged children. By 1977 he had given away 100 new bikes but in 1971 he held a Christmas party for needy children and gave away over a thousand shiny new bikes.

Percy put his success down to learning from his father the right way to ask for what he needed. The book dwells on his ten lessons for success. It is a beautiful book to stimulate and inspire, I hope it is still in print. Yes, it is still available in book stores! So you can enjoy it too and study his 10 rules

to bring you your success

Percy’s Rules:

Know what you want

Ask the right person

Prepare a good case

Give in order to receive

Overcome the blocks to asking

Ask artfully

Request don’t demand or beg

show respect

Ask and keep asking

Go beyond me to we.

Percy goes into great detail how he chose whose dreams he fulfilled according to the way they asked and the needs of the people who wrote in for help. I’m not sure if I unknowingly asked in the right way but I have managed to fulfill two of my dreams I have an online business and we are living in the sun.

If an online business is one of your dreams the easiest way to start is with affiliate marketing with the guidance of a successful mentor. Excellent products sales pages and training will be provided to reduce the amount you have to learn before you start earning. It is a great way of life and gives time freedom and choice of location, you just need a laptop.

So whatever your dreams I hope you are inspired by Percy Ross and enjoy his life-story.

Other books to inspire you:

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. Believe in yourself

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. Read if you have doubts

“The Which Guide to Buying Property Abroad

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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Report Writing for Beginners – The Freebie Report

Offering free reports to help your readers learn from your market expertise and know-how and help them build their business will earn you respect and gain you subscribers. Here’s a how-to that makes the simplifies the writing process.

Writing is a skill. If you know you can’t write well, learn how. If you can’t or don’t want to, hire a ghostwriter to write for you. But if you have decent writing skills and want to learn to write a report easily and quickly, read on. These few points will be a big help.

Define a topic in your niche that will benefit your readers. Assuming you are in affiliate marketing, you could write a report on setting up a blog, building a list, or generating traffic. You already know the subject matter if you have done it yourself so very little, if any, research is necessary.

Here are the essentials to report creation:

  1. Prepare an outline. Start with an attention grabbing headline and then list the topics you will cover in your report. List points that you will address for each topic.
  2. With your outline in hand use it to get your words flowing. Start from the beginning and give accurate and up-to-date information for each section that will give your reader beginning how-to information. You want to give necessary info but not everything. Keep it useful but simple.
  3. Accent it for more appeal. Use good formatting – bold your titles and subtitles. If you have more information on a topic to offer, give a URL to it in the text.
  4. Conclude with a list of resources. Here you will include free resources as well as products you have created and have for sale as well as the affiliate products of others you recommend.

These four simple steps are the makings of a report you can write in less than a day, place it on your site and offer to your visitors and subscribers for free. A report of interest can serve you in many ways. Offer it to anyone who subscribes to your list. You get a subscriber, they get a free report that can help them build their business. If you offer a report of real value you will gain a loyal list member in the process.

Source by Cynthia Mosher

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